William Genovese

William Genovese

Restless learner, multi-certified Information Security consultant with some 20 years experience in the IT/InfoSec market. Providing leadership and expertise in the governance of security management frameworks to support global IT organizations, and network centers, including: Government, Municipalities, Transportation and Railway, SCADA, Medical, FINRA, and more both stateside and abroad.

Currently employed as a Senior Security Consultant at a multinational Telecom company doing red team/network penetration testing.

Ex owner of an IT/MSSP firm in Hartford, CT

Ex Co-Founder of NESIT Hackerspace, in Meriden, CT, a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Current board member of *redacted* which helps coordinate and support local infosec classes and conferences.

Ex Co-Founder of BHaF Security

Ex Blackhat for hire.


  • Red Teaming, Purple Teaming, Vulnerability Management, DAST, Vulnerability Validation Compliance Audits, Penetration Testing, Configuration Assessment, Web Application Security, Password Auditing, Managing Phishing Exposure, Virtualization Security, Mobile Risk Management, Compromised User Credentials, PCI, HIPAA/HITECH, NERC, FISMA, USGCB, FDCC, NIST/SCAP, SANS Top 20, SOX, CIS
  • Panelist DEFCON 23 - 2015
    Speaker Defcon 27 - 2019
  • Speaker HushCon East - 2018
  • Founder/Speaker BsidesCT - 2011-Present
  • Former Contributor to Metasploit
  • Offensive Security Certified Professional
    (OSCP) License#: OS-101-04776
    (CRT & CPSA) Credential ID 74305178
  • Time Magazine Person of the Year 2006
  • Proficient in embedded software and design, and programming:
    MASM, Ruby, Perl
    Python, PHP, C, C++
    Bash, PowerShell,


Ethical Hacking/Pen Testing - 90%
Social Engineering - 85%
OSINT Analyst - 100%
Threat Intelligence Analysis - 85%
Coding - 75%
Phishing/Vishing - 85%

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