Kali 11 yrs

Looking back to last year’s post https://www.kali.org/blog/10-years/ going over the history of the Kali pentesting distro I noticed that they still had the screenshots from the desktop background image (check the bottom right) I made when I was part of the original IRC group on irc.unixgods.net that started from muts’ (Mati Aharoni) old website, whitehat.co.il site. I originally found muts from an article he wrote My meanest hack in early 2004. It started out with Whoppix based off the Knoppix live CD then Whax based off the live Slax CD. Though I didn’t take the OSCP test until 2015, it’s crazy to think that 20+yrs later I’m still playing around on the distro for work and for fun (hackthebox), and finally making money fulltime from a hobby that I love.

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