RV Project Part 3

Sorry for the extended break , got super busy with work etc.. so here’s part 3 installing the solar after we got the roof back together. The OG house batteries were worthless for what I wanted to do , additionally the bay they were in wouldn’t fit newer LIPO4 batteries.

Ended up going with Renogy products because they have decent enough equipment and they had a good sale going on at the time, I think roughly cost about $4500 for all the equipment, wiring, tools etc…

4x200watts of solar for 800watts total
2x200AH batteries for 400 AH total
3000 watt inverter/charger
60 amp solar charger
The RV also has a built in 1000w generator that runs off the gas tank and a propane tank to do heating, hot water, and runs the fridge. Coupled with a 30 gallon water tank and Starlink & T-Mobile MiFi for internet I can stay off grid for a bit without needing to use hookups. So far in the few years I’ve had this, I made it to Florida/Florida Keys and back to Connecticut 3 times, Tennessee and back, CT to Mt. Detroit/Rushmore/Yellowstone/Vegas/Area51/Grand Canyon and back on Rt 66 for 3 weeks. No major issues so far for less than $10k for the whole project from start to finish.

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