Modding A Tower Pro Micro Servo To Rotate 360 Degrees


For one of my old projects last year, I need mod a micro servo to rotate continuously 360 degrees for a small robot tank, this hack will work with just about any servo. To do so you need to for open up the servo casing. Carefully remove the bottom portion first (where the wires are coming out of).

You will need to cut the 3 wires going from the board to the potentiometer, you won’t be needing them anymore. once you cut them, remove the top cover where the servo gears are. But careful to remember how they are set-up before you remove them and the potentiometer.


The next thing is getting the metal out of the potentiometer, you use a drill to remove the copper rivet from the center wire connector on the pot. This will allow you to slide the clip that holds the center pin, allowing you better access to remove the metal. Drill down enough to just remove the ring of the rivet , dont drill farther than that.
Remove the clip and pull out the center pole and remove the metal around it carefully. Carefully put it all back together. Use some solder to connect the rivet back to the center pin again, careful not to hold the iron there to long and melt the plastic housing.

Once that’s done you can solder the 2.2k resistors to where the old potentiometer wires were. Leave enough of the pins where you can fold the resistors over after you’re done soldering to put the board back in the case.
After that put the gears back together on the top of the case and close it all up.

You can test it with an Arduino using this sketch Servo_Continuous_Rotation.ino i got from this Instructables post. Hook up the 5v power to the red wire, Ground to the brown wire, the orange PWM control wire to Pin9. Compile and upload the sketch it you should see your motor spinning! 🙂

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