Telephreak Tactical Lunchbox

One of the cooler swag I received @ Defcon this year was a lunchbox for the Telephreak party, filled with candy, gadgets, and toys from telephreakbadge. I do some ‘red teaming’ occasionally and always had my stuff all janky in my backpack with no way to really keep it all pretty and was a pain in the ass to go through everything to find what tools I needed. Plus stuffing them all in a box tends to get shit broken eventually. I was thinking I needed something like a pelican box but I didnt feel like spending a huge amount on something simple. So I was thinking one day that this lunchbox sitting on my desk would do the trick. I ended up getting a few pieces of Polyethylene off ebay for $9, They arrived pretty quick and i spent about an hour or so arranging some of my most used tools onto each layer and cutting out the foam to fit them all in. I used a small knife (the ones that have a knife/scissor/toothpick) and a razor blade to cut out the foam. Here’s all 3 layers that fit inside with descriptions of each tool’s usage.


Layer 1

with an acrylic case, highly customizable USB attack platform (HID,Network Etc…)

Layer 2

  • Hak5 WIFI Pineapple – various wifi attack tools
  • Firefighter Swipe Tool – open doors
  • DigiSpark DigiStump attiny85 dev board – cheap rubber ducky alternative that you dont have to worry about losing
  • Hook Tool – open some door latch bolts

Layer 3

as a bonus my Asus Nexus 7 loaded with Kali Nethunter also fits inside

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